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Looking into 2013

We’re reading through submissions and finding some great stuff (we are aware that there’s a backlog of recommended fiction due to our editor, but he’s working on it). We thought it would be nice to give you a preview of things we’ve accepted so far. “Paradigm Shift” by Julie C. Day (short story) “The Tempting: …

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Musici by Derek Zumsteg

The last note of Enri’s exit aria resounded in the hall, the heavy air humming and electric, as the company’s performers smiled in the lamplight and accepted scattered applause. The audience, roused from gawking up at the important people in the boxes along each side wall, began to push for the aisles. One listener sat …

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Heaven Under Earth by Aliette de Bodard

Recipient of the 2014 Tiptree Award Honor List Husband’s new spouse is brought home in a hovering palanquin decked with red lanterns, its curtains displaying images of mandarin ducks and kingfishers—the symbols of a happy marriage. First Spouse Liang Pao has gathered the whole household by the high gate, from the stewards to the cooks, …

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“Through the Uprights” by Richard Butner

“I want to kick a field goal,” Robin said. He didn’t say: I want to learn how to kick a field goal. Robin wasn’t process-oriented. He wanted to be the sort of person with the ability to kick field goals. He wanted to do all kinds of extraordinary things, but he had never mentioned football …

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