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Dec 30

“Eating the Pomegranate” by Megan Kurashige

Imogen says the sky reminds her of the end of the world, and Aurelie has to admit that it’s a good description, even if it’s inaccurate, since she hasn’t seen the end of the world and she’s pretty certain that Imogen hasn’t either. Imogen has her back turned to the conflagration that is eating up …

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Dec 11

Electric Velocipede 27 Now Available!

You can pick up copies of Electric Velocipede #27 for your Nook or your Kindle today. Copies will be available soon on Weightless, too. The issue will be posted online towards the end of next week but if you want to read it ahead of time, don’t hesitate! Electric Velocipede 27 at the Weightless Store! …

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Aug 14

Electric Velocipede #27 Table of Contents

The plan was to get this issue ready for Worldcon. That isn’t going to happen. We won’t let our editor push himself too hard when he’s got a book coming out, a family, and lots of projects at work. It just doesn’t make sense to rush the issue and do a slap dash job of …

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Nov 26

The Night We Drank Cold Wine by Megan Kurashige

If you’re wondering where this story went, you can find it and many other amazing stories in The Best of Electric Velocipede anthology which is available from Fairwood Press and other fine online retailers.

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