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Sep 24

The Leaf by Erik T. Johnson

I. A Wise and Worldly Piece of Wood I led my father through the lanes of our apple orchard, watching wormy balls of fruit drop to the soft earth, so glutted with decay they couldn’t roll. The sky was a healthy blue flame and my father put his hand up to block the light from …

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Sep 20

Facebook Interviews

Did you know that Electric Velocipede has a Facebook page? Did you know that we’re posting exclusive content related to the current issue on our Facebook page? Did you know that this exclusive content is funny and cool and awesome? If you answer ‘no’ to any of those questions, click on the link and go …

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Sep 17

Blindfold Taste Test with William Shunn

What is your favorite food? My favorite food of all time forever is the gyro at the Greek Shishkabob in Salt Lake City. It was the first gyro I ever had, at the age of fifteen, and I soon became addicted. They make their gyros with a spicy red sauce and pile them with onions …

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Sep 17

To Dive Into a Godling, Where Life Begins by Jacques Barcia

Obsidian hooks tear the wild proto-universe’s crust like the tooth of a shark ripping through tender human flesh. The Megalodon makes a steep turn larboard as the universe’s strength wrenches the ship’s black dragging chains nailed to the main deck. This is a tough one, thinks Guido. A really tough one. The sailorman hurries across …

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Sep 10

The Lotus Eaters by Michelle Muenzler

Night-time, that’s when the spiders come out. At least, that’s what Tony says, and Tony never lies. But Tony isn’t here right now, and neither are the spiders. We are safe on the twenty-first floor and Tony is gone. “Do you think the spiders ate him?” I ask. Sweat dribbles between my breasts and soaks …

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Sep 04

For They Heard the First Sound and Trembled by Jessica Breheny

I am polishing in a circle—sunwise, always sunwise—when I hear the afternoon procession, the jingle of the cymborenes, the rattle of bones shaken in crystal jars. It is still far away. I see the blue robes of the Wordless; the red of the Attendants who walk beside them, some carrying incense holders, and some playing …

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Aug 27

Heaven Under Earth by Aliette de Bodard

If you’re wondering where this story went, you can find it and many other amazing stories in The Best of Electric Velocipede anthology which is available from Fairwood Press and other fine online retailers.

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Aug 20

Content TKTK: A Soul Unchained by John Ottinger III

As an education student at a small liberal arts college in northern Georgia, I was safe and secure. My environment was supportive and close-knit. I had a circle of friends who shared similar interests and beliefs, and was living a comfortable, unchallenged middle-class life. As part of our undergraduate coursework, students were required to have …

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Aug 20

Under the Tree by Tania Hershman

Under the tree He sits and I come out and I bring him breakfast, lunch, dinner, on a tray, and he says, I’m fine, Mum, don’t worry, but he doesn’t get up, doesn’t come in. Just sits, under the tree. And I sit, in the kitchen, and watch him. Then, when it’s too dark to …

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Aug 13

The Mezzo by Eli Effinger-Weintraub

New York City came to its feet. The ovation in the Metropolitan Opera House drowned the final notes of The Chemist’s Flute. The sulfur reek of the camera flashes choked the air; the purifiers surrendered in defeat and wheezed mechanically on the walls. The crowd showered renowned mezzo-soprano Honoria Fisher with mangled floral oddities that …

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