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Feb 21

2011 Award Eligible Work & People

Electric Velocipede 21/22 (2010 cover date, but the issue was released in 2011) This was our last print issue. (In the table of contents, n = novelette, and ss = short story) FICTION “Witherking” by T. J. Berg n “Care and Feeding of Your Piano” by William Shunn ss “Pistols at Dawn Amongst the Evergreens” …

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Feb 11

CapriCon Hugo Panel

The panel was about Hugo recommendations with Lynne M. Thomas, Michael D. Thomas, James Bacon, and John Klima. Bacon was the true superstar of the panel, with many interesting suggestions (like the China Mieville story below) and thoughts on most every category. Recommended items will be listed by category. Novel The Night Circus by Erin …

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Feb 07

Locus 2011 Recommended Reading List and Much, Much More!

The annual LOCUS Recommended Reading List is out. As always, there’s a ton of great stuff on there. The list typically makes us feel under-read and frankly more than a little lazy. But, since the list is compiled by more than fifteen people–many of whom work in publishing for a living and keeping on top …

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Dec 19

“Through the Uprights” by Richard Butner

“I want to kick a field goal,” Robin said. He didn’t say: I want to learn how to kick a field goal. Robin wasn’t process-oriented. He wanted to be the sort of person with the ability to kick field goals. He wanted to do all kinds of extraordinary things, but he had never mentioned football …

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Dec 12

“The Empire Never Ended” by Brian Trent

Glabrio knelt at the shoreline, washing his bearded face in the wine-dark sea, when he heard the enemy skyship give one final groan. Two hundred yards away the metallic red hulk was still smoking, half-submerged in the Mediterranean like an unsightly island, one wing jutting to the heavens, the forked tail like a wishbone. Then …

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Dec 05

Content TKTK: A n00b’s Guide to Speculative Fiction Poetry by John Ottinger III

If you are anything at all like me, you and poetry have passed like ships in the night: Lights on, blaring your horns, and doing your able best to avoid one another. Sure, you read some poetry during your school years, but much of it was either really, really old or so new it just …

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Nov 28

Two Poems by Alexandra Seidel

Her Mother’s Bees by Alexandra Seidel A girl covered in nothing but a scarf of a thousand thousand bees and the bees feasting on her like they would on a flower extracting nectar from her pores, her scented skin the buzzing lifts the air; it floats and settles around your head like a cauldron, upside …

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Nov 28

“A Reason to Fear Life, a Reason to Crave Death” by Andrew Kaye

I. A bitter wind whipped around Ortega’s body, dusting him with a flurry of ash. He cursed. The words were lost, drowned in the whirr of stabilizers and the whine of steam turbines. Ortega drew his coat in tighter, pulled his scarf up over his face. Another, stronger gust caused the freighter to lurch, and …

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Nov 28

Slight alteration in TOC: Issue 23

We had originally planned to publish John Ottinger’s TKTK piece today, however, we’ve changed our schedule a bit. The new publication dates are as follows: 11 / 28 → “A Reason to Fear Life, A Reason to Crave Death” by Andrew Kaye (short story) → “Her Mother’s Bees” & “The Girl and Her Cloud” by …

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Nov 21

Blindfold Taste Test with Alex Irvine

What is your favorite food? The cheeseburger. What was your most memorable meal? One that comes to mind is an epic feast with a bunch of Del Rey and Random House people at Nobu in San Diego. The ceviche… the Kobe beef slices over hot rocks… oh God. What is the most unusual thing you’ve …

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