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Issues 1 – 10 (Fall 2001 – Spring 2006)

On this page you’ll links to our first ten issues.

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Issue 1 – Fall 2001

  FICTION: Timeless Appeal by Shane Tourtellotte Mr. Brain and the Carpet of Snow by Ezra Pines Past Waves by Lawrence M. Schoen Formidolosus: Episode One by Gene P. Lass Induction by James A. Hartley Suicide Hotline by Alexander Irvine POETRY: Food Network CHI by Jonathan Brandt Fly Right by Steve Sawicki The Devil Went Down to …

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Issue 2 – Spring 2002

  FICTION Fling But a Stone by Mark Rich Jackson Hole by Jason Henderson Transcendence by Catherine Dybiec Holm Wreckage by Harold Gross(Honorable Mention, Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror, 16th Annual Edition) The More Things Change by Michael Kelly Mr. Brain and the Island of Lost Socks by Richard Bowes & Ezra Pines A Few Notes Upon Finding a Green Alien Baby …

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Issue 3 – Fall 2002

  FICTION The Last Great Chance by Catherine Dybiec Holm Sorry But, by Neal Barrett, Jr. The Goddess Cup by Brendan Connell North of the Sun, West of the Moon by Michael Penncavage Quantum Realities by Rochelle Mitchell Opening Night by Sandra McDonald Television Shoes by Vincent Sakowski POETRY The Copernicker Rebbe by Lucy Cohen Schmiedler Burrow by Christina Sng …

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Issue 4 – Spring 2003

  FICTION The Ship by Jay Caselberg Catch & Release by Mark Rich Fat Nate’s Master Plan by Stepan Chapman The Rose Thief by Beth Adele Long (Honorable Mention, The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror, 17th Annual Edition) Maxwell’s Letter by Ezra Pines Paul and the Computer by Kevin L. Donihe Dash for Cover by Nina DeGraf Mrs. Janokowski Hits One …

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Issue 5 – Fall 2003

FICTION Nature’s Way by James Hartley(Honorable Mention, The Year’s Best Science Fiction 21st Annual Edition) Waiting for an Angel by Mike Lewis Songstress by Jason Erik Lundberg (Honorable Mention, The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror, 17th Annual Edition) The Chicken by J. R. Cain The Curious Inventions of Mr. H by Paul DiFilippo Three Bean and Moon Salad by Christoph …

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Issue 6 – Spring 2004

FICTION Indicating the Awakening of Persons Buried Alive by Liz Williams Sundrew by Neil Ayres Choice Cuts by Edd Vick Daimonizomenosmonikos by Brendan Connell Bob’s Witch by Jodee Rubins Ariadniad by Stepan Chapman Formidolosus: Epidsode 3 by Gene P. Lass A Keeper by Alan DeNiro Morris, His Self by Michael Simanoff The Git, the Dog, the Fish, and …

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Issue 7 – Fall 2004

FICTION The Marsella by Liz Williams In the Frozen City by Chris Roberson Whether to Go Through by Christopher Rowe Making the Butter Come by Ren Holton On the Language of Alligator Twins by Kiel Stuart Wager by Sharon E. Woods Dark Bloom by Andrew Cohen A Good Place To Be by Mark Rich Optical Allusions by Perry Slaughter The Revelation …

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Issue 8 – Spring 2005

FICTION Ghost Dance by Daniel Braum Horny in the Underworld by Charles Coleman Finlay A Cheap and Frugal Fashion by Heather Martin Endings by Catherine Dybiec Holm Dinner Shift by Jonathan Brandt Sunvolt by Frank Byrns Mad Dog & Dusk by Carole Carmen Serpent’s Tooth by Liz Williams POETRY Pest Removal Service by Christina Sng Years Like Yahrzeit Candles …

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Issue 9 – Fall 2005

Cover art © Thom Davidsohn FICTION The Chiaroscurist by Hal Duncan Another Day by Mark Rich Hard Time by Mark W. Tiedemann A Taste for Flowers by Jay Caselberg Braids of Glass by Jonathan Laden Strange Incidents in Foreign Parts by Anna Tambour The Euonmyist by Neil Williamson Solipsister by Jason Erik Lundberg   POETRY The …

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Issue 10 – Spring 2006

Cover art © Thom Davidsohn FICTION A Walking of Crows by Tim Akers The Way He Does It by Jeffrey Ford Il Duca di Cesena by Alistair Rennie Jacket Jackson by Mark Rich & Richard Bowes The Navel of the Universe by Andre Oosterman Travels Along an Unfurling Circular Path by Robert Freeman Wexler A Walking …

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