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Fiction Flashback — Aliette de Bodard

July 12, 2011

This story dates from the first time I ever proofread Electric Velocipede.

Weirdly enough, when I first saw “The Dragon’s Tears” in my queue, I chose to proofread it last. (I skip around when I’m doing short fiction.)  I didn’t know then what possessed me; prescience, maybe.  When I began reading the story, I was lost.  Not only was it a very clean copy as proofreading goes—the story itself was lovely.  Reemerging into the world after the story ended, I felt like I’d fallen into prose as lyrical as Patricia A. McKillip’s.

Then I wrote and told Aliette how fantastic her story was and what I was reminded of.

Reading “The Dragon’s Tears” again, everything that made it gorgeous that first time is still present.  May you be as enchanted as I.

This story originally appeared in Electric Velocipede #15/16 in the Winter of 2008.

-Anne S. Zanoni, southeastern MI July 2011

You can find this story online at Lightspeed Magazine!

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