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Chapbook: Ezra Pines

The Sense of Falling



Eleven stories in all. Two previously unpublished. Two co-written with Richard Bowes. Introduction by Hal Duncan. Afterword by Ezra Pines.

Pines Bio:

Ezra Pines was born in Bird, Kansas, in 1956. After being graduated by Ottawa High School in Ottawa, Kansas, in the 1970s, he briefly attended University of Kansas-Lawrence. He worked odd jobs and became caretaker of a series of households and farms in several nearby states, ending up back near Bird in the 1990s, where and when he started more seriously pursuing his fiction. Although editor David Rogers of Freezer Burn Magazine once published the note that Pines is a “huge New England Patriots fan,” Pines maintains it is a lie, and that he has no interest in politics.

Table of Contents:

“Antevellum” is previously unpublished

“Maxwell’s Letter” originally appeared in Electric Velocipede #4
“Of Light and Snow” is previously unpublished
“Mr. Brain and the Mystery of the Passionate Tree” originally appeared online on the Electric Velocipede website
“The Better Life” originally appeared in Say…Why Are We Crying?
“Mr. Brain and the Island of Lost Socks” (w/Richard Bowes) originally appeared in Electric Velocipede #2
“Djang” originally appeared in Xizquil #16
“Mr. Brain and the Carpet of Snow” originally appeared in Electric Velocipede #1
“Drawn Straws” originally appeared in Freezer Burn #9
“Mr. Brain and the Voting Booth From Outer Space” (w/Richard Bowes) originally appeared in Tales of the Unanticipated #25
“Reel” originally appeared online in E-scape

Debuted at the World Fantasy Convention in 2006 in Austin.

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