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Chapbook: Robert Freeman Wexler

Psychological Methods To Sell Should Be Destroyed: Stories



Inside, you will find:

Bread that communicates!

A four-armed man content to lie in the snow!

A philosophical human head that comforts a distraught man!

A city-state controlled by an ageless Lord Mayor, where sidewalks are built from discarded felt hats!

Also…solidified clouds…a rain forest on a wall…this mini-collection of six stories, including the previously-unpublished novelette, “The Sidewalk Factory,” showcases Wexler’s reality-bending style and effervescent imagination.

Wexler Bio:

Robert Freeman Wexler is the acclaimed author of the novella In Springdale Town and the novel Circus of the Grand Design. Wexler’s writing is dense and light at the same time; taking unsuspecting readers on delightfully fulfilling trips. The cover is by Tim Robinson with an introduction from Zoran Živković.

Wexler doesn’t write quickly, but like other writers–like Kelly Link or Ted Chiang–who don’t write quickly, this is because he takes time crafting delicate layers of prose and plot. The stories in this collection showcase Wexler’s talents as a writer.

Table of Contents:

“Suspension” originally appeared in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #8, Fall 2001

“Tales of the Golden Legend” originally appeared in The Third Alternative #10, Spring 2002
“Valley of the Falling Clouds” originally appeared in Polyphony #3, Fall 2003
“The Green Wall” originally appeared in Polyphony #5, Fall 2005

“Indifference” originally appeared in Full Unit Hookup #1, Spring 2002
“Sidewalk Factory: A Municipal Love Story” is previously unpublished

Introduction by Zoran Živković
Cover by Tim Robinson

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