Dec 19

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Year’s Best Science Fiction, 31st Edition

This amazing line-up includes Val Nolan’s story “The Irish Astronaut” from issue 26! Congratulations Val! We’re so proud! We’ll be picking up a copy, how about you?

Here’s the full Table of Contents for Gardner Dozois’ upcoming THE YEAR’S BEST SCIENCE FICTION, THIRTY-FIRST ANNUAL EDITION:

The Discovered Country, Ian R. MacLeod
The Book Seller, Lavie Tidhar
Pathways, Nancy Kress
A Heap of Broken Images, Sunny Moraine
Rock of Ages, Jay Lake
Rosary and Goldenstar, Geoff Ryman
Gray Wings, Karl Bunker
The Best We Can, Carrie Vaughn
Transitional Forms, Paul McAuley
Precious Mental, Robert Reed
Martian Blood, Allen M. Steele
Zero For Conduct, Greg Egan
The Waiting Stars, Aliette de Bodard
A Map of Mercury, Alastair Reynolds
One, Nancy Kress
Murder on the Aldrin Express, Martin L. Shoemaker
Biographical Fragments of the Life of Julian Prince, Jake Kerr
The Plague, Ken Liu
Fleet, Sandra McDonald
The She-Wolf’s Hidden Grin, Michael Swanwick
Bad Day on Boscobel, Alexander Jablokov
The Irish Astronaut, Val Nolan
The Other Gun, Neal Asher
Only Human, Lavie Tidhar
Entangled, Ian R. MacLeod
Earth 1, Stephen Baxter
Technarion, Sean McMullen
Finders, Melissa Scott
The Queen of Night’s Aria, Ian McDonald
Hard Stars, Brendan DuBois
The Promise of Space, James Patrick Kelly
Quicken, Damien Broderick

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