Aug 15

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Year’s Best Science Fiction 29 edited by Gardner Dozois

Very recently, the Year’s Best Science Fiction, 29th Edition edited by Gardner Dozois came out. Part of the fun for us (and we’re sure authors as well) is finding out what from the magazine made the recommended reading list at the back of the anthology. This year we had four items from issue #21/22 make the list:

  • “Care and Feeding of Your Piano” by William Shunn
  • “Memories of Chalice” by Peter M. Ball
  • “Carte Blanche” by Genevieve Valentine
  • “Worm Days” by Karl Bunker

Congrats to our contributors and to everyone else who made the list! And of course thank you to Gardner for reading our magazine and including the kind of slipstreamy speculative fiction that we publish in a list of ostensibly science fiction stories.

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