Oct 25

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We’re Having a Sale!

It’s taken longer than we expected, but we are finally moving forward with our transition from print to online! Among all the madness of our editor starting a new job and moving, a pair of catastrophic laptop failures, and the very recent, untimely death of a family member of one of our team members, this year has not gone as was initially planned.

Still, we’re back on track and moving forward. To celebrate our transition, we’re running a sale on all the back issues we have in stock. Some issues we have quite a few copies, some we have only a handful. If you look down the listing of the issues, we’ve indicated which ones are low on stock. We’re also running a sale on our t-shirts, but we’re counting stock right now so that we can get accurate numbers.

Since Electric Velocipede 21/22 came out this last summer, we’ve fielded a lot of questions on where people can get copies. Until recently, we didn’t have an answer to that question. This is our last print issue and due to a variety of variables, we ended up printing fewer than we have in the past. This is an issue with limited copies, so if you’re interested in purchasing one, do so quickly.

What are you waiting for? Head to the store for some shopping!

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