Oct 07

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Sneak Peek at Electric Velocipede 25 Table of Contents

Hopefully lots of you (and obviously we mean ALL the people reading this, we’re just hoping that there’s LOTS of you) have read and enjoyed Electric Velocipede #24. We encourage you to make comments on the stories. That lets us know what’s working and what’s not working for you as readers.

We got a nice number of applicants for our slush reader positions (we’re looking at adding three) so we’ll be going over those this week and we’ll have our decision by October 15. In the next day or two we’ll get up a similar application for copyeditor help.

We’ll also be looking to re-open to submissions towards the end of the month. It’s been so long since we’ve been open, there are a number of upgrades to the system that need to be installed.

And, we’re essentially done with the edits for issue #25 and are ready to send those out to the authors. This issue is quite amazing. I daresay it might be the strongest issue we’ve done yet. Curious what’s in it? Well, here’s the table of contents.

Our plan is for this issue to come out in November (which is next month!) with the entire issue available right away through Amazon, B&N, Weightless, etc. and then put out the free content over time through the end of the year.

Thom Davidsohn

“Adaptation” by Heather Albano
“Upstairs Room” by Lida Broadhurst
“Peephole” by Daniel W. Davis
“Trial” by Daniel W. Davis
“Nuclear Winter” by Ash Krafton
“A Faun’s Lament” by Michael Constantine McConnell
“Swell” by Chelsea Patterson
“Menace” by J. R. Salling

“Musici” by Derek Zumsteg

Short Stories
“The Greatest of His Age” by Bart Allen
“Butterfly Effect” by Mishell Baker
“Glass Boxes and Clockwork Gods” by Damien Walters Grintalis
“The Night We Drank Cold Wine” by Megan Kurashige
“The Master Shoemaker” by Katya Oliva-Llego
“North” by Kristy L. Truax-Nichols
“The Woods of Wistman’s Grove” by Tyson Young

“Blindfold Taste Test” with Aimee Bender
A Remembrance of the Future by John Klima

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  1. Jonathan Laden

    Great TOC! Looking forward to it.

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