Sep 21

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Slush Readers and Copyeditors Needed

Things are going really well with our Kickstarter. We only have a few days left and we’ve hit our initial $5,000 goal to fund next year’s issues. That’s awesome! We’ll have another year of Electric Velocipede after this year, and it’s because of all sorts of generous people out there.

We’re also more than 50% of the way towards funding our first stretch goal of digitizing all of Electric Velocipede‘s back issues.* That means a couple things.

  1. Time is running out for people who still want to support us
  2. We’re well into the editorial phase for issue #25
  3. We’ll be opening for submissions soon because we have no backlog of fiction**
  4. We’re going to need slush readers***
  5. To help us meet our quarterly schedule next year, we’re going to need copyeditors to help out Anne
  6. We’re going to have a bunch of stuff to ship out

This is all good. Without this support we’d be debating closing up shop instead. But after 25 issues, one Hugo win, four World Fantasy Award nominations, eleven years of publishing, and countless amazing stories, we’ve certainly had our moment in the spotlight. That said, we’re very happy to be able to do more in 2013.

* If you pledge $25 or more you’ll receive electronic copies of all our back issues!

** Likely in November, but watch here for the announcement

*** We’ll have an announcement shortly after the Kickstarter ends to address this, hold off for now on contacting us about slush reading or copyediting

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