Feb 23

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Yes, that title means what you think it means. Electric Velocipede is recruiting a few extra hands to help us out as we continue to transition from print to electronic. Specifically we need help in getting the word out about Electric Velocipede.

We’re looking to add a few motivated (i.e., UNPAID) souls who can help flood the world with news about Electric Velocipede (Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Tumblr, this blog, pinging reviewers, etc.). We also have some projects on the back burner that need help; projects like ebooks, podcasts, book trailers, Kickstarter campaigns…all sorts of things for which we need the right people.

If you’re interested, or you know someone who would be a great fit, use our Contact Form to send an email expressing your interest. We will be open to potential applicants until the end of the month (February 29, 2012).

We’re going to stay open until the ides of March. You know when that is, right?

Good luck!

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  1. steve davidson


    I can't volunteer, but if you will send me a banner ad, I will be happy to run it on the Amazing Stories website.

    Traffic is not tremendous – yet – but I have upcoming materials that I expect will be getting some attention (interviews/round table with 14 authors from Book View Cafe and articles from B. Malzberg and B, Silverberg among others) – not to mention your readers scurrying over ther now that they've seen this, lol.

    Let me know, I'd be happy to do it


  2. John Klima


    Thanks for the offer! We'll get something together for you. Email me at editor [at] electricvelocipede [dot] com with details on sizing, etc. and where to send it.


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