Mar 23

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New Issue Coming Shortly!

Hey John, what’s going on with Electric Velocipede?

Oh, hi there! Uh, Electric Velocipede? Well, actually, we’re very close to a new issue coming out.

Really? I haven’t heard anything about it!

Yeah… We spent most of February and some of March fighting the flu and bronchitis in our house and when that wasn’t taking up time there was an anthology that I’m working on….

Do you have time for an anthology when you need to get out issues of the magazine? Aren’t there supposed to be four issues this year?

The plan was to get the issue finished while the anthology was running its funding, but all that illness hit the house like dysentery in Oregon Trail. And yes, the plan is to still get out four issues this year. Since we’re making the issues a little shorter that should be no problem.

Oh, so you’re caught up on submission reading?

Uh…no. :- For the same reasons as everything else. There are a ton of great stories that have been recommended up to me, so just like in the old days, the magazine has hit a log jam in its process when its time for me to make decisions. Darn efficient readers.

So if it’s coming out soon, when will we see Electric Velocipede #26?

The plan was this week (starting March 25) but that’s out. So we’re looking at April. Then the plan is #27 in June, #28 in September, and #29 in November (small break for Worldcon and the anthology launch).

Sounds good. What else you got going on?

Just some writing and editing of my own on top of my full-time job. Oh, and family of course 🙂 And in case you missed it, here’s the table of contents for Electric Velocipede 26:

Thom Davidsohn

“Blood in Tears” by Stefanie Maclin
” “The trees are just woods, and the woods just trees…” ” by Stefanie Maclin
“Swell” by Chelsea Patterson
“Melt” by Cislyn Smith
Novelettes    “The Tempting: A Love Story” by James Alan Gardner
“The Irish Astronaut” by Val Nolan

Short Stories    “Paradigm Shift” by Julie C. Day
“The Still Room” by Jamie Killen
“Grandmother of Ghosts” by E. Catherine Tobler
“The Entomologist’s Three Ballgowns” by Brooke Wonders

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