Feb 07

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Locus 2011 Recommended Reading List and Much, Much More!

The annual LOCUS Recommended Reading List is out. As always, there’s a ton of great stuff on there. The list typically makes us feel under-read and frankly more than a little lazy. But, since the list is compiled by more than fifteen people–many of whom work in publishing for a living and keeping on top of what’s been published over the past year is directly pertinent to their jobs–we don’t feel so bad (at the very least we’re outnumbered and more people should read more things than less people…ok, we’re rambling). This year there’s a handful of Electric Velocipede and related material that made the list.

In short fiction:
‘‘Memories of Chalice’’ by Peter M. Ball (Electric Velocipede Fall ’10)
‘‘∞º’’ by Darin Bradley (Electric Velocipede Fall ’10)

In reprint anthologies:
Happily Ever After, John Klima, ed. (Night Shade)

First, while issue #21/22 has a 2010 cover date, the issue did not see the light of day until 2011. It should be considered as being published in that year. Also, we’re hoping the lack of entries from issue #23 is more due to the fact that people haven’t realized that we’re available online than to the fact that the fiction is just not very good.

There’s some quality work from the issue #23 like Dennis Danvers’ “The Art Disease,” Richard Butner’s “Through the Uprights,” Deborah Fitchett’s humorous “Fish Out of Water,” and Alexandra Seidel’s poems “Her Mother’s Bees” and “The Girl and Her Cloud.” (and you should really just go read the whole issue, it’s damn good)

This is also the time of year of award nominations. The Nebula Award nominations are due by February 15 and the Hugo Award nominations are due by March 11. Also, there’s the LOCUS poll that you can fill out online, and that closes on April 15.

Finally, J. M. McDermott talks about working with editors over on the always interesting Night Bazaar blog and he mentions our indefatigable editor among many other highly esteemed editors like Ellen Datlow, Gavin Grant, and Sheila Williams.

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  1. Mary Garber

    Low fiction submissions? Well of course! Your guidelines even now state you're closed to submissions until further notice. I only found you up and running through the DSF link at the bottom of today's story…and now, I hope to be submitting to you soon! 🙂

  2. John Klima

    Mary, we are closed to submissions. There will be an announcement when that changes. The magazine continues to run even though we're not accepting new submissions. We're working through a backlog of accepted work that will take us through this year.

    1. Mary Garber

      Duh. Yeah, I guess I read that really wrong. Just getting my hopes up, I guess. Anyway, welcome back!

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