Sep 12

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Kickstarter Update

With two weeks to go, we’ve hit our $5,000 goal! We could not have done this without the support of our readers. It means a lot to us that people have faith in us and like what we’re doing enough to lend their support to our campaign.

Now that we’ve hit our funding level, we want to look at stretch goals. We’ve had a number of people asking about how they can get back issues electronically. We’d like to be able to offer them and if we meet this stretch goal, then we can!

If we can raise an additional $2,500, we can make electronic versions all of Electric Velocipede‘s past issues. The money will go towards acquiring digital/electronic rights from the authors (we started as a print magazine; in 2001, almost no one was doing digital) and the conversion of the issues. Once the conversion is done, we’ll also make the issues available in places like Amazon, B&N, and Small Beer Press’ awesome Weightless Books (where you can get PDF versions of Electric Velocipede #15/16 to #23!).

Anyone who has backed us or chooses to back us at $25 or above will receive electronic editions of all EV back issues should we reach this stretch goal. We thought about making a new reward level, but it seemed confusing given that the main project has received its funding and we didn’t want people to pledge money towards the stretch goal and then get nothing should we not quite reach the stretch goal amount.

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