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Issue 27 Editorial – A Remembrance of the Future

As many of you already know, issue #27 is going to be the final issue of Electric Velocipede. After a lot of thought—and more stress than I need—I’ve decided it’s time to cease publication.

This was not an easy decision; it was gutting. There were nights where I lay awake wondering if it was the right thing to do. There were days I just wanted to close the door and walk away without finishing it. Finishing this final issue is my way of closing things out mostly on my terms.

There is outstanding money owed me that just isn’t coming. That means money meant for Electric Velocipede’s future needs to be used on the present; we’re unable to make new issues when we still have to pay for old issues. There are limited options for electronic subscriptions; and the largest and most popular, Amazon, stopped taking new magazines right around the time I ran an Electric Velocipede Kickstarter based around the plan of having Amazon subscriptions for future revenue.

I have outstanding debt from running Electric Velocipede—and since the magazine can’t even support itself, it doesn’t make sense to keep it going and continue to spend money without earning any. On top of that are all the responsibilities of my current job and of being a husband and father that make working on Electric Velocipede more and more difficult.

There might be a way to make this work. The current good will and cachet about Electric Velocipede might be able to translate into new subscriptions, new sales, etc. Maybe a short print run could go a long way towards funding each issue. Heck, if there were 100 people each willing to pay $10 for a print copy (plus shipping) you’d cover the cost of a short print run, the shipping, and have a little left over. I’ve also heard of a few new subscription models for electronic distribution that might become fruitful over time. The problem is I just don’t have the time or energy any more to start chasing after these ideas.

If I want to be a good father and husband, I need to spend more time with my family. If I want to do good work at my job, I need to put in the time it requires. That time has extended beyond the workday and into my evenings and weekends. That means that on top not having time during the day where I can steal a moment or two for Electric Velocipede, there isn’t time in the evening or during weekends for Electric Velocipede either.

I’ve spread myself thin for more than a decade now. I need to change that. I need to take that time back.

Now, we could spend time lamenting my decision. But instead of focusing on what’s being lost, I want to celebrate what we’ve achieved. Honestly, there isn’t much more I could hope to accomplish with Electric Velocipede. Twenty-seven issues of a critically acclaimed, well-loved magazine is not a bad run. There are many magazines that ran much fewer issues.

It won a Hugo Award. It received five World Fantasy Award nominations (four for the magazine and one for a story we published). I’ve published many writers whose work I enjoy and respect. I’ve had an outlet for my passion for publishing for twelve years.

I’ve survived this long because I’ve gotten consistently great work from writers and artists. Nearly every issue starts with an email to all the contributors en masse where I tell them this is the best issue yet, and generally that’s true. I feel this last issue really cements what I’ve wanted Electric Velocipede to become for the past twelve years. There are some amazing stories in this issue. To get this good of quality of work for a semipro market is ridiculous.

Thinking back over the years, I thought it would be fun to list all the people* that have seen their work appear in Electric Velocipede:

Tim Akers Aurelio Rico Lopez III
Heather Albano Jason Erik Lundberg
Bart Allen Sandra McDonald
Nina Alvarez Alex Dally MacFarlane
Olivia Ambrogio Amy Mackiewicz
Carlos Araujo (cover; issue 26) Stefanie Maclin
Megan Arkenberg Samuel Mae
Daniel Ausema Elissa Malcohn
Neil Ayres Katherine Mankiller
Mishell Baker Lisa Mantchev
Peter M. Ball John Mantooth
Jacques Barcia L. Michael Markham
Tara Barnett Harry Markov
Neal Barrett, Jr. (reprint) Celia Marsh
Elizabeth Barrette Heather Martin
Lyn Battersby Tracie McBride
Jennifer Rachel Baumer Michael Constantine McConnell
Helena Bell Melissa Mead
Tracy Berg Sean Melican
KJ Bishop Megan Messinger
Jayme Lynn Blaschke Christoph Meyer
Bruce Boston Sam J. Miller
Richard Bowes Rochelle Mitchell
K. Tempest Bradford Michael Neal Morris
Darin C. Bradley Michelle Muenzler
Terry Bramlett Timothy Mulcahy
Jonathan Brandt Kristine Ong Muslim
Daniel Braum Steven Nagy
Bill Braun Val Nolan
Jessica Breheny Penelope O’Shea
Marie Brennan Patrick O’Leary
Lida Broadhurst Katya Oliva-Llego
Corey Brown Rachel V. Olivier
Tobias Buckell Andre Oosterman
Karl Bunker John Ottinger III
Richard Butner Shannon Page
Monica Byrne M. E. Parker
Frank Byrns Norman Partridge
J. R. Cain Jennifer Pelland
Carole Carmen Michael Penncavage
Scott W. Carter Ezra Pines
Jay Caselberg Erin Pringle
Stepan Chapman Terrie Leigh Relf
Matthew Cheney Alistair Rennie
B. A. Chepaitis Mark Rich
Andrew Cohen John W. Risinger
Lucy Cohen Schmeidler Mercurio D. Rivera
Alicia Cole Chris Roberson
Geoffrey W. Cole Michaela Roessner
Brendan Connell Bruce Holland Rogers
Cris Cox Margaret Ronald
Sheila Crosby John B. Rosenman
Gillian Daniels Josh Rountree
Dennis Danvers Christopher Rowe
Thom Davidsohn (covers; issues 9-12, 15/16-24, and 27) Jodee Rubins
Daniel W. Davis John Rubins
Julie C. Day J. C. Runolfson
Aliette de Bodard Ki Russell
Nina De Graff Patricia Russo
Alan De Niro Sara Saab
Paul Di Filippo Vincent W. Sakowski
Kevin L. Donihe J. R. Salling
Rudi Dornemann Steve Sawicki
Hal Duncan Lawrence M. Schoen (reprint)
Catherine Dybiec Holm Ken Scholes
Catherine Edmunds Michelle Scott
Eli Effinger-Weintraub Alexandra Seidel
Charles Coleman Finlay Rena Sherwood
Toiya Kristen Finley Ian Shoebridge
Deborah Fitchett William Shunn
Jeffrey Ford Michael Simanoff
James Alan Gardner Cyril Simsa
John Grey Perry Slaughter
Harold Gross Cislyn Smith
Yoon Ha Lee Lisa Snellings-Clark (cover; issue 14)
Lisa L. Hannett Christina Sng
Jon Hansen Darren Speegle
James Hartley Jason J. Stevenson
Merrie Haskell Brenda Stokes
Jason Henderson Linda Ann Strang
Loreen Heneghan Kiel Stuart
Lauren Henley Rachel Swirsky
Tania Hershman Sonya Taaffe
Nancy Hightower David Tallerman
Christopher Hivner Anna Tambour
Erin Hoffman Steve Rasnic Tem
Jonathan William Hodges Mark Teppo
Chuck Hogle Lavie Tidhar
Ren Holton Mark W. Tiedemann
Richard Howard E. Catherine Tobler
Robert J. Howe Pat Tompkins
Alexander Irvine Shane Tourtellotte
Luke Jackson Brian Trent
Michael Jasper Mikal Trimm
A.H. Jennings Kristy L. Truax-Nichols
Paul M. Jessup Mary Turzillo
Erik T. Johnson Catherynne M. Valente
Dave Justus Genevieve Valentine
Michael Kanaly Jeff VanderMeer
Damon Kaswell Edd Vick
Andrew Kaye Leslie Claire Walker
Marie Kazalia Damien G. Walter
Keffy R. M. Kehrli Damien Angelica Walters (Grintalis)
Michael Kelly Trent Walters
Jamie Killen Matthew Wanniski
Nikki Kimberling D. E. Wasden
Rick Klaw Jennifer Waterford
William Knight Gary West
David C. Kopaska-Merkel Robert Freeman Wexler
Ash Krafton Leslie What
Barbara Krasnoff Kjell Williams
Matthew Kressel Liz Williams
Megan Kurashige Neil Williamson
Jonathan Laden Steven Wilson (cover; issue 13)
Jay Lake A. C. Wise
Claude Lalumière Brooke Wonders
Geoffrey A. Landis Jonathan Wood
Beth Langford Sharon E. Woods
Richard Larson Erzebet YellowBoy
Gene P. Lass Caroline M. Yoachim
Ann Leckie Marly Youmans
Philip J. Lees Tyson Young
Mike Lewis E. Lily Yu
Shira Lipkin Jeremy Zerfoss (cover; issue 25)
Ken Liu Derek Zumsteg
Beth Adele Long

That’s just over 250 unique authors/artists over the years. There are 70 authors who had more than one piece published in Electric Velocipede (that includes poets who have multiple poems in a single issue). I look over that list of authors and I want to pinch myself.

What happens next? I’m taking a break from editing to focus on writing. I also want to expand my freelance editorial services work for writers, but I’d like to make sure that the editorial work I do is finite. I’m in no rush to get back into a magazine situation, i.e., the constant ongoing deadline that never gets met because the project never ends.

Recently I’ve sent stories out on submission and sent stories to beta readers. I’ve made a point of doing this before I think too long and talk myself out of it. This has left me in the position of wanting to send more stuff out, but most of writing is currently unfinished stories and novels. I’ve got the motivation to write; I just need to change my Electric Velocipede time to writing time.

Most importantly, I need to focus on my wife and children. They are what matters. If at any point over the years they had needed me, all this publishing stuff would have been dropped. There’s been too many times when someone’s asked for my time and I’ve said “In a minute, just let me finish this thing” and a half hour later I’ve missed my opportunity.

Let’s close with this: A thousand thousand times thank you. Electric Velocipede doesn’t work without incredible writers, artists, and fans.

This all happened with your help and support.

Thank you.


October 2013


* This list includes columnists but does not include Blindfold Taste Test respondents. Reprint authors are marked as such (there were two story reprints, total), and I’ve added a brief note to artists’ names to indicate which cover they did. I did the covers for the first eight issues, that’s why they were so bad low-tech.

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  1. Jonathan

    Sorry to see it go, but happy that you get to be with your family more. Good luck in your next adventure!

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