Oct 31

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Issue 23

Copyright 2011 Thom Davidsohn

Table of Contents:

10 / 31 → “Remembering the Future” by John Klima

→ “The Art Disease” by Dennis Danvers (short story)

11 / 7 → “Dancing in the Winter Rooms” by David Tallerman (short story)

11 / 14 → “Fastening” by Patricia Russo (short story)

→ “The Last Patrol” by Tara Barnett (poem)

11 / 21 → “Fish Out of Water” by Deborah Fitchett (short story)

→ Blindfold Taste Test with Alex Irvine (nonf)

11 / 28 → Content TKTK: Spec Fic Poetry by John Ottinger (nonf)

12 / 5 → “A Reason to Fear Life, A Reason to Crave Death” by Andrew Kaye (short story)

→ “Her Mother’s Bees” & “The Girl and Her Cloud” by Alexandra Seidel (poems)

12 / 12 → “The Empire Never Ended” by Brian Trent (short story)

12 / 19 → “Through the Uprights” by Richard Butner (novelette)

→ “Sampling the Aspic” by Penelope O’Shea (nonf)

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  1. Sam M-B

    Really looking forward to Butner's story (among others) but most of all, and I hate to be "that guy", I wish this was being mailed to me, printed and bound.

  2. John Klima

    Dude, me too, me too.

  3. Steve

    Can I subscribe to a PDF or print version of Electric Velocipede, or is it online-only? I don't see an obvious way to subscribe on this site.

  4. John Klima

    We don't currently have an electronic subscription for Electric Velocipede. We're working on it, and hope to have something available soon!

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