Oct 25

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Welcome to the New Online Home of Electric Velocipede

We’ve felt for a while that we needed the website to be more dynamic. Something that could be updated by any of the team members, and could react to the world around us more readily than the old site did. Something that, well, was better for the readers. We think that’s what we have here. We haven’t done a lot with the theme, but we’re planning on spending some time with it over the course of the year to make it completely our own.

We’ve wanted to move to WordPress for some time for all those reasons, but with our transition from a print publication to an online publication, we wanted the move to be more than just our old website running on WordPress. We’re still working out how everything will work here. There is some content from the old that hasn’t made its way to the new site yet and there are some things that we just got rid of since they focused on publisher John Klima and his life instead of Electric Velocipede and publishing. The new version of the website will only be about the magazine and related publishing items. You can keep up with John on his personal site.

As we make the transition to online, we’ll highlight a piece of fiction that we already had online. Hopefully this will get you in the habit of reading fiction/nonfiction here on the Electric Velocipede website. Each member of staff picked one story that was online to highlight what’s been published before. Jeffrey Ford’s story “The Way He Does It” will be our first piece, and you’ll see that come online later today.

An electronic edition of Electric Velocipede #21/22, the current print issue, will be available shortly. It’s a fantastic issue and we hope by offering it electronically we’ll get it out to more readers so that all the great stories in the issue will be enjoyed. Watch the site for announcements of when and where that issue will be available.

We’ll also start “reprinting” old issues of Electric Velocipede by offering them as electronic books. We’re going to start with the first three issues, and hopefully get the rest of the issues online as electronic books by the end of the year.

Come August 15, you’ll start seeing content from the issue #23, our first issue online. In September issue #24 will go online, and issue #25 will go online in November for the 10th anniversary of the magazine. This promises to be an exciting year and we’re looking forward to all of you joining us.

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