Sep 26

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Cross-posted at our Kickstarter project page:

When we look at our Kickstarter campaign, we now see this across the top:

Funded! This project successfully raised its funding goal 7 minutes ago.

That’s because of all of you! Not only did we hit our initial $5,000 goal (YAY! four issues of EV in 2013!) we also hit our stretch goal of an additional $2,500 to digitize all our back issues! That means that everyone who pledged $25 or more will receive electronic copies of our complete backlist, issues 1 – 21/22. That’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time and now we can move forward on it!

Now the work begins, right? Issue #24 is completely online and will be available electronically soon. We’re most of the way through editing issue #25 with the intention of that being ready in November. Also in November we’ll start mailing out the rewards to everyone. Maybe in October, maybe in November, we’ll re-open to submissions so that we can start getting content for next year’s issues. At the same time, we’ll begin work on converting all our older issues into electronic copies with the intention of having that ready in early 2013 (we’ll shoot for sooner, but we’d rather be realistic about our timing!).

This is all very exciting! Thank you again!

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