Jun 06

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EV Contributors in the News

Something we’re trying to do a better job of here is mentioning when Electric Velocipede contributors have things—things being defined as story publications, podcasts, award nominations, etc.—since we figure that activity will be of interest to you. Last month we talked about Patricia Russo’s podcast of her story “Sitting ‘Round the Stewpot.” Now we have a few small bits of news about EV contributors to pass along to you.

Matthew Kressel (“The Spaces Between Things” Electric Velocipede 17/18) has updated his website. Matt felt that Twitter and Facebook had kept him from blogging at length, but that he still wanted to have longer discussions about his work and writing in general. He took the opportunity to renew his website and give everything a fresh start. Even before we published Matt in Electric Velocipede we were big fans of his speculative fiction magazine Sybil’s Garage. Check out his site, we’re sure you’ll find something to like.

The new issue of Clarkesworld Magazine features a story from Aliette de Bodard (“The Dragon’s Tears” Electric Velocipede 15/16 and “Heaven Under Earth” Electric Velocipede 24 [forthcoming]). The story is also available as a podcast. Aliette is quite talented; you should keep an eye on her. We think that “Heaven Under Earth” is one of the most moving and powerful stories we’ve published, and we’ve published quite a few over the years.

A quick note about Clarkesworld Magazine:

Many years ago editor Neil Clarke was starting an online science fiction and fantasy bookstore and he made an investment in back issues of Electric Velocipede. EV was a one-man show at the time, and so was Clarkesworld Books. Sadly, the store is no more (except when Neil runs a sale, which are fewer and farther between these days) but thankfully his magazine carries on. Clarkesworld Magazine has gone from an interesting little online zine to the what we consider the gold standard for online speculative fiction.

It’s exactly the type of thing you like to see in speculative publishing. Someone who gets inspired to create their own magazine, pours a lot of time and energy into it, and then takes it beyond what others are doing. Which typically means you get to pour even more time and energy into it. But, speaking from experience, because you enjoy it so much, you hardly notice how hard you’re working.

We’re looking forward to many more years of Clarkesworld Magazine.

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