Dec 23

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Electric Velocipede: Issue 27 Release Parties – and Memorial Services

We’re holding two release parties/memorial services for Electric Velocipede in early 2014. One is informal (but we know that publisher John Klima and managing editor Anne Zanoni will be at that one) and the other is more structured.

The informal one will be held during Legendary Confusion, January 17-19 in Detroit, MI. This is an awesome conference and you should attend anyway, but if you want to help say goodbye to Electric Velocipede and wish John and Anne good luck with their future endeavors, you should be there. The party will likely happen on Saturday January 18. You can see John’s schedule on his website.

The second, and more structured, event is happening on Friday February 28, 2014 at Bluestocking Books on the Lower East Side. Electric Velocipede contributors including Richard Bowes, Nancy Hightower, Robert J. Howe, Matthew Kressel, Sam J. Miller, Mercurio D. Rivera, and William Shunn will be there. We hope John can make it, but it might be tough to pull off the plane ticket. More info at the link below.

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  1. d.o.

    Many archived hotlinks for fiction do not wotk

    1. John Klima

      Can you give me examples of where you’re seeing this? Do you mean on the back issues or in posts?

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