Nov 26

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Electric Velocipede 25

11/26 → “A Remembrance of the Future” by John Klima (nonf)
“The Night We Drank Cold Wine” by Megan Kurashige (short story)
11/29 → “Butterfly Effect” by Mishell Baker (short story)
“Nuclear Winter” by Ash Krafton (poem)
12/3 → “The Woods of Wistman’s Grove” by Tyson Young (short story)
“Counting Stones” and “The Magician Makes a Phoenix” by Alicia Cole (poems)
12/6 → “The Master Shoemaker” by Katya Oliva-Llego (short story)
“Peephole” and “Trial” by Daniel W. Davis (poems)
12/10 → “The Greatest of His Age” by Bart Allen (short story)
“A Faun’s Lament” by Michael Constantine McConnell
12/13 → “Musici” by Derek Zumsteg (novelette)
“Upstairs Room” by Lida Broadhurst (poem)
12/17 → “North” by Kristy L. Truax-Nichols (short story)
“Menace” by J. R. Salling (poem)
“Blindfold Taste Test” with Aimee Bender (nonf)
12/20 → “Glass Boxes and Clockwork Gods” by Damien Walters Grintalis (short story)
“Adaptation” by Heather Albano (poem)

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