Nov 05

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Blindfold Taste Tests

Starting in issue #13, we ran a feature called “The Blindfold Taste Test” (BTT) where an author would answer ten questions about food. This came out of two things: my love for food and cooking, and what I perceive as science fiction and fantasy’s love of food particularly where conventions are concerned. Perhaps I’m being a little myopic about it, but it seems that a lot of talk at conventions revolves around where to go to eat.

When issue #25 comes out (in only a few weeks!), our reserves of BTT will be exhausted. So we need to get some more. This is where we want your help. We have ideas of who we want to get in touch with, but are there people out there who you would like us to talk to?

Put suggestions in the comments or reply via Twitter for who you think would make an interesting contributor to BTT. Here is a list of our past BTT (more links coming):

Issue #13 Kage Baker
Issue #14 Karen Joy Fowler
Issue #15/16 Lucius Shephard
Issue #17/18 Will Shetterly
Issue #19 Elizabeth Bear
Issue #20 Laura Anne Gilman
Issue #21/22 Jim C. Hines
Issue #23 Alex Irvine
Issue #24 William Shunn
Issue #25 Aimee Bender

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