Mar 26

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A Contest for You, Conventions for John

Last week we talked about our semi-devious plans to get some revenue to send John to some conventions. John’s got plans to take part in CONvergence and Windycon this year, but we think it would be great if he could also go to Wiscon, Chicon 7 (Worldcon), and World Fantasy.

But we don’t like to just outright ask for money (we’ll take donations if you’re inclined; there’s a donation button at the top right of the page), we like to make it worth your while, too. So we’re running a contest where every purchase or donation made from now to the end of the month will be entered into a drawing to win some fabulous prizes. If you’ve forgotten (or missed the announcement last week), prizes include copies of Happily Ever After (John’s reprint anthology of fairy tale retellings); t-shirts; Electric Velocipede back issues; grab bags of ARCs [we know we promised a list, and that’s still forthcoming]; John’s editorial services; and whatever else our devious minds can think of. You can also donate convention memberships directly if you’re so inclined.

Since we don’t have the heart to draw winners on April Fool’s Day, we’ll be drawing winners on Monday, April 2. Obviously, if you bought a shirt, you won’t win a shirt (unless you want a second one), if you bought back issues, you won’t win back issues (again, unless that’s what you want), etc.

What’s behind all this? We feel that in 2011 we didn’t get ourselves out in front of people. John knows this was particularly true since he started a new job and moved his family, so getting to conventions was really tough. If we can get out to conventions and other places, we can talk to people about Electric Velocipede and that’s a good thing.

If you’ve got questions, just ask!

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