Apr 10

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2014 Locus Awards

While you can write in anything that was published by us last year in this year’s Locus Poll, there are two stories that made the existing list, so it’s very easy to vote for them.

From Electric Velocipede 26 there is Val Nolan’s moving “The Irish Astronaut” and from issue 27 is Sam J. Miller’s incredible “The Beasts We Want to Be” (links to both will be at the end of the post).

And though we really like to pump up our authors, we rarely do so for ourselves. But . . . Electric Velocipede is up for best magazine and the bossman, John Klima, is eligible for best editor. Thom Davidsohn our cover artist did not make the official list but he’s worth writing in.

Since this was our last year, we’ll make a pitch for those of you who haven’t voted yet to consider all of us.

You only have until April 15 to fill out the poll and survey, so make haste!

“The Irish Astronaut” by Val Nolan

“The Beasts We Want to Be” by Sam J. Miller

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