Feb 21

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2011 Award Eligible Work & People

Electric Velocipede 21/22

(2010 cover date, but the issue was released in 2011)

This was our last print issue. (In the table of contents, n = novelette, and ss = short story)


  • “Witherking” by T. J. Berg n
  • “Care and Feeding of Your Piano” by William Shunn ss
  • “Pistols at Dawn Amongst the Evergreens” by Samuel Mae ss
  • “In the Beginnings” by Shannon Page and Jay Lake ss
  • “The Next Day” by Dave Justus ss
  • “Shoes Worn Once” by Keffy R. M. Kehrli ss
  • “Memories of Chalice” by Peter M. Ball ss
  • “∞°” by Darin Bradley ss
  • “The Comedy at Kualoa” by Monica Byrne ss
  • “The Stonecutter” by Damon Kaswell ss
  • “The Portal to Heaven” by Shira Lipkin ss
  • “Intrepid Travelers” by Josh Rountree n
  • “Carte Blanche” by Genevieve Valentine ss
  • “Worm Days” by Karl Bunker ss
  • “Unlocking the God” by L. L. Hannett ss
  • “My Lovesick Zombie Boy Band” by Damien G. Walter ss
  • “Beata Beatrix” by Jenna Waterford ss
  • “An Abiding Memory of Scarecrows” by William Knight ss
  • “Pie in the Sky” by Michaela Roessner ss
  • “Gaining Traction” by Jonathan Wood ss
  • “Checkmate” by Brian Trent ss


  • “Frazier” by Lauren Henley
  • “A Mermaid’s Catch” by Brenda Stokes
  • “In the Dark” by Ki Russell
  • “Infatuectomy” by Ki Russell
  • “Drowning in Pearls” by Ki Russell
  • “Patience” by E. Lily Yu
  • “The Long Trajectory” by Geoffrey A. Landis


Electric Velocipede 23

Our first all online issue. All the content is available, for free, online.


“The Last Patrol” by Tara Barnett (poem)
“Her Mother’s Bees” by Alexandra Seidel (poems)
“The Girl and Her Cloud” by Alexandra Seidel (poems)


“The Art Disease” by Dennis Danvers (short story)
“Dancing in the Winter Rooms” by David Tallerman (short story)
“Fastening” by Patricia Russo (short story)
“Fish Out of Water” by Deborah Fitchett (short story)
“A Reason to Fear Life, A Reason to Crave Death” by Andrew Kaye (short story)
“The Empire Never Ended” by Brian Trent (short story)
“Through the Uprights” by Richard Butner (novelette)


“Remembering the Future” by John Klima
Blindfold Taste Test with Alex Irvine (nonf)
Content TKTK: A n00b’s Guide to Speculative Fiction Poetry by John Ottinger (nonf)


Beyond the individual pieces and stories, Electric Velocipede is eligible as a Semiprozine for Hugo purposes and as a Special Award, Non-Professional with regards to the World Fantasy Award.

Thom Davidsohn is eligible Best Fan Artist, although if people feel he should be in Best Professional Artist, let us know and we’ll change this to reflect that.

Our editor John Klima is eligible for the Best Editor – Short Form Hugo Award.

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